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Viruses- difficult to control (in Swedish)

A podcast from "Vetenskap & hälsa"

Podd: Virus – svåra att kontrollera – Vetenskap och Hälsa (

A podcast from "Vetenskap & hälsa"
Ebola fever is a viral disease with a very high mortality rate but despite several outbreaks it has never spread globally. An HIV infection, which in the 1980s led to the deadly disease AIDS can today be treated and has become a chronic disease. But despite great efforts they have so far not succeeded in producing a vaccine against HIV while the vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind the pandemic that still affects our everyday lives was developed in less than a year.

In this podcast we talk about viruses. What are viruses really, why do they behave so differently and why are viruses so difficult to control?

To learn more about viruses, I have invited Marianne Jansson, associate professor of virology at Lund University and who research within HIV. The interviewer is Eva Bartonek Roxå.