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Joakim Esbjörnsson

Joakim Esbjörnsson_LUCRIS

Joakim Esbjörnsson_PubMed

Review articles and invited publications in peer-reviewed international journals


Esbjörnsson J, Jansson M, Jespersen S, Månsson F, Hønge BL, Lindman J, Medina C, da Silva ZJ, Norrgren H, Medstrand P, Rowland-Jones SL, Wejse C. HIV-2 as a model to identify a functional HIV cure. AIDS Res Ther. 2019 Sep 5;16(1):24. doi: 10.1186/s12981-019-0239-x.

Esbjörnsson J, Månsson F, Lindman J, Rowland-Jones SL, Jansson M, Medstrand P, Norrgren H; SWEGUB CORE GROUP. New insights are game-changers in HIV-2 disease management - Authors' reply. Lancet HIV. 2019 Apr;6(4):e214-e215. doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(19)30089-X. 

Hassan AS, Pybus OG, Sanders EJ, Albert J and Esbjörnsson J. Defining HIV-1 transmission clusters based on sequence data: a systematic review and perspectives. AIDS 2017 Mar 28. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000001470. Invited review article, personal invitation to JE..

The article was selected by “UNAIDS Science Now” for the May 2017 issue of “HIV this month” as one of nine articles selected from the approximately 1,000 HIV-related scientific articles published in the previous month.

Esbjörnsson J, Månsson F, Kvist A, Isberg PE, Nowroozalizadeh S, Biague AJ, da Silva ZJ, Jansson M, Fenyö EM, Norrgren H, Medstrand P. Effect of HIV-2 infection on HIV-1 disease progression and mortality. AIDS 2014;28:614-615. Invited Correspondence. 

Esbjörnsson J, Månsson F, Norrgren H, Medstrand P. Effect of HIV-2 infection on HIV-1 disease progression. New England Journal of Medicine 2012;367:1962-1963. Invited Correspondence. 

Fenyö EM, Esbjörnsson J, Medstrand P, Jansson M. Human immunodeficiency virus biological variation and coreceptor use: from concept to clinical significance. Journal of Internal Medicine 2011;270:520-531. Invited review article, personal invitation to EMF.

Other articles and reports published in international journals 


Hassan AS, Hare J, Kamini G, Yindom LM, Kamali A, Karita E, Kilemba W, Price MA, Borrow P, Bjorkman P, Albert J, Kaleebu P, Allan S, Fast P, Hunter E, Gilmour J, Ndung'u T, Rowland-Jones S, Sanders EJ, Esbjörnsson J. Viral evolution and innate immune responses during acute HIV-1 infection and their association with disease pathogenesis. Virus Evolution 2017 Mar 5;3(Suppl 1). pii: vew036.034. Abstract. 

Scientific articles published in Swedish and reports published in Swedish


Esbjörnsson J, Albert J. HIV-1-transmission – trender i Sverige, Danmark och Finland 2000–2012. BestPractice 2016;9:10-14. Invited article, personal invitation to JE. 

Esbjörnsson J, Jespersen S, Wejse C. Högre dödlighet bland hiv-infekterade män jämfört med hiv-infekterade kvinnor i Västafrika. BestPractice 2016;8:18-21. Invited article, personal invitation to JE.

Ederth J, Brytting M, Esbjörnsson J#, Mild M#. Molekylär karaktärisering av hepatit C-virus och transmissionsmönster i Södermanland mellan 2002 och 2009. BestPractice. 2016;8:10-12. #Equal contribution as senior authors.

Esbjörnsson J, Månsson F, Norrgren H, Medstrand P. Hiv-2 har en hämmande effekt på sjukdomsutveckling orsakad av hiv-1. BestPractice 2012;2:14-19. Invited article, personal invitation to JE.

Book chapters and other scientific contributions and presentations


Faria N, Esbjörnsson J, Lemey P. The phylogeography of HIV-2. Encyclopedia of AIDS. (2014). Springer Major Reference Work. Book chapter.

Månsson F, Medstrand P, Jansson M, Fenyö EM, Esbjörnsson J. Transmission HIV-2 – Origin, epidemiology, and phenotype. Encyclopedia of AIDS (2014). Springer Major Reference Work. Book chapter.