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Systems Virology

Long-standing collaboration and fieldwork in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, has made Lund University one of the leading institutions in the world when it comes to HIV-2 research. The virology research in Lund has access to multiple high-end experimental platforms encapsulating molecular as well as cell biology techniques to support cutting-edge HIV research. This also includes modern BSL-3 facilities. In addition, strong national and international networks of collaborators play an important role in our research activities.

Available HIV treatments are unsatisfactory since they don’t clear the infection and result in expensive and life‐long treatment on an every‐day basis. We use different systems virology approaches to combine clinical, experimental and bioinformatics research to explain how virus‐host interactions regulate disease progression. Our research is therefore often based on large-scale and multifaceted (often longitudinally) data that require advanced biostatistics and modeling. To functionally evaluate key markers and regulators of disease progression and their potential as treatment or vaccine targets, we use different human cell and tissue model systems.





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